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Windows that Weather the Storm: Customer Testimonial

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The New Orleans area knows hurricanes. Packing up your outdoor furniture, gathering essential groceries and enough bottled water to last and buying a new puzzle or two are par for the course. But no amount of preparation for your home will do much good if your home itself isn’t built from materials that are designed to stand up to severe weather patterns. Fortunately, Window World’s impact-resistant windows are made with lasting power, meaning your home’s windows can hold up to whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. 

Window World customer Raymond Phillips sat down to chat about his experience with Window World, how his windows held up to storms and why custom-built windows are the perfect solution for older homes. 

Hurricanes Are No Match for Us

In a region that’s prone to hurricanes, durable, heavy-duty windows that can hold up to the elements are critically important to keeping your home’s interior safe. We have a specific line of impact-resistant windows crafted to withstand even the harshest of weather. With these windows installed, your home is better equipped to resist the many severe weather patterns that accompany hurricanes. Phillips even remarks that Window World’s custom replacement windows held strong through Hurricane Laura in 2020, which was itself a Category-5 rated storm!  

What goes into our impact-resistant windows? Besides glass that is capable of withstanding Category 5 hurricane-force winds, these windows are rigorously tested to make sure air filtration levels and water resistance are top-notch and are equipped with specially reinforced frames to better stand up to extreme weather patterns. This all assures your living spaces are kept safe and dry from hurricane winds and rain. Additionally, beyond our normal lifetime warranty, you can invest in an optional glass-breakage warranty — just in case the unexpected occurs. 

Custom Windows Built to Grow with Your Home

Older homes come with their own sets of challenges that Window World is well-positioned to meet, which Phillips recounts. Window World’s custom-measured replacement windows can be made to fit any window size, which often comes in particularly useful for older homes with uniquely-proportioned windows that don’t always match in exact sizes. 

Rather than resizing the spaces for windows and having to destroy the beautiful detailing that older homes often have, by custom-measuring and cutting replacement windows, you’ll be able to keep the original charm and detailing while enjoying the modern make of our energy-efficient, double-paned windows. Phillips notes that thanks to Window World’s methods, there was no damage to the molding in his home’s living space.  

Update Your Home With Us

Whether you’re looking for windows, doors or vinyl siding made from materials that better hurricane-proof your home, or just a simple refresh of your home’s exterior, Window World of New Orleans can accommodate your vision for your home. Plus, just in case Mother Nature does manage to best us, we offer a best-in-class lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. To combine durability with tons of curb appeal, contact us today!