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Paint Colors for Your Enneagram Type

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If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram lately, you likely know what an enneagram is. More on-point than a zodiac sign, more approachable than an MBTI type, enneagram types give you another fun way to look at yourself and how you relate to others. And if you’re interested in refreshing your home with a new coat of paint, why not honor your personality with handpicked paint colors to match? 

Before we jump in headfirst, let’s talk about what enneagram types are. Don’t worry, we’ll link you to a quiz so you can learn all about what type you are! 

What are Enneagram Types? 

The Enneagram is a modern system of self-discovery, giving you fun, easy-to-understand reference points for different personalities, or enneagram types. It takes into account both your personality and your natural self, or in other words, who you think you are versus who you are at your core. 

Here’s a quiz to determine your enneagram type—it will show you a pie chart with your primary type as the largest chunk of the pie. You may have two or even three types that you overlap on, and that’s perfectly normal! We’ll give a quick rundown of each enneagram type below for you to take a look at once you’ve determined your enneagram match.  

Enneagram Type One: The Perfectionist

Type Ones are responsible, pragmatic and expect the best from themselves, going the extra mile to deliver on their promises and expectations. For Type Ones, calming, neutral colors provide a relaxing space in which they can unwind from their own high expectations. 

  • Warmer colors like oatmeal or beige are neutral but friendly, encouraging a positive outlook. This can be helpful for Type Ones, who need a calming space where they won’t encounter chaos. 
  • The classic off-white eggshell is perfect for Type Ones. Perfect paired with other neutrals or brighter shades, it provides a clean slate that will appeal to Type One’s perfectionism.

Enneagram Type Two: The Giver

Type Twos are lovers, not fighters. Big-hearted, they’re likely to love hosting family and friends in their homes with parties or simple dinners. Feeling loved and appreciated is important for Type Twos, so welcoming colors to make those loved ones feel comfortable are perfect. 

  • Warm cream is great for Type Twos who favor a more neutral palette. 
  • Are you a Type Two who wants something a little bolder? Go with a cinnamon red to envelop yourself in a warm hug of a color. This is perfect for a living or dining room, likely rooms where you’ll be hosting. 

Enneagram Type Three: The Achiever

Taking “goal-oriented” to new heights, Type Threes define themselves through their accomplishments. Type Threes likely display accomplishments in prime locations, whether that’s their diploma or a perfectly-iced cake on their kitchen counter. It only makes sense to use paint colors that are vibrant and bold as they are.

  • Are you a Type Three who loves modern, minimalist looks? Go for matte black and bright white paint. It highlights everything you display and is a dramatic, attention-grabbing look you’ll love. 
  • Bold peacock blue is a bright splash of color that works well in many rooms. Match that blue with gold metallic accents and you’ve got a regal setpiece perfect for contemporary, maximalist or even mid century modern looks.

Enneagram Type Four: The Individualist

Type Fours are creatives who empower themselves through their own individuality. They’re likely to have unique antique pieces or family heirlooms prominently placed in their homes, so moody, cool colors are perfectly dreamy for the Type Four’s tastes. 

  • A deep green or blue is not for the faint of heart, but Type Fours will almost certainly make these heavy colors work. They’re a complex but lovely backdrop for those paintings and antique pieces Type Fours may have. 
  • Love green but not ready to commit to a dark color? Sage green is moody but more versatile, making it a good choice for Type Fours wanting a more modern look.

Enneagram Type Five: The Investigator

Logical, deeply curious and likely introverted, Type Fives seek a retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With Type Five’s stoic outlook and busy, analytical mind, a muted color palette will suit their sensibilities well. Type Threes are likely drawn to unfussy, minimalist decor, so choosing a simple color palette is crucial. 

  • A cool light gray fosters a light, airy space where Type Threes can do their best thinking without distracting colors demanding their attention. 
  • For a touch of nature, blue-gray or a desaturated green add a splash of color without too much strain on the eye.

Enneagram Type Six: The Loyalist

Safety and peace of mind are two of Type Six’s biggest concerns, extending beyond themselves to their friends and family. They’re the friend you turn to when times get rough, with a heart like gold and a mind well-suited to thinking up backup plans for a rainy day. For Type Six, earth tones that enclose them in a peaceful environment and welcome loved ones are just right.

  • Dusty pink is a warm yet muted color, a contradiction just like Type Sixes often can be. It’s just as at home in a bedroom as in a living room. 
  • A light, cozy brown or cream are neutral backdrops that are still earthy and visually interesting. For responsible, pragmatic Type Sixes, a neutral yet appealing color is a good choice for resale value.

Enneagram Type Seven: The Enthusiast

room painted in egg blue color

Vibrant, exuberant Type Sevens want to experience every adventure life has to offer them. Their playful outlook on life makes them a popular friend and a glass-half-full kind of person. For an optimist like Type Seven, it makes sense to paint their home in bright, vibrant shades that match their sunny personality. 

  • A bright robins egg blue is great for entryways or kitchens as a focal point of the house. Pairing it with other colorful choices packs a visual punch, but you can always tone it down with matte black or dark wood furnishings. 
  •  Bring the sun in no matter the time of day with yellow paint! You have to be careful with yellow, since too much can be overwhelming. A bright yellow accent wall with bright white paint and accents is pitch-perfect for Type Sevens.

Enneagram Type Eight: The Challenger

Fierce, headstrong and independent, Type Eight is a powerhouse of a personality with confidence in spades. For Type Eight’s home, there’s only one option: go big or, well, go home. Choosing strikingly vivid colors for their homes is just another way Type Eights are trailblazers on their own paths. 

  • Want to really shock and awe? Go with a rich dark brown or black in your living room or home office. This bold color is eye-catching, especially when paired with bright wood furniture and textures like velvet or marble. 
  • A dark gold is an unexpected pop of color, more regal than bright, something energetic yet rebellious Type Eights will love.

Enneagram Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Agreeable, easygoing Type Nines don’t like to rock the boat. They’re the mediators in friend groups, making maintaining harmony look easy. Humble and wonderful friends, Type Nines will value soft, soothing colors in their home to nurture their relationships. 

  • Pale sky blue or mint greens are peaceful colors well-suited throughout the home. Type Nine’s gentle nature will appreciate this relaxing color’s cheerful influence. 
  • Clean and classic, a soft white is a no-frills addition that nevertheless sets the tone for the home. Type Nines will love the feeling of sanctuary that pure white fosters throughout the home.

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