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Christmas Organization Tips for Storing Your Decorations

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Holiday Organization Tips Post-Christmas

Breaking down your Christmas decorations can be a hassle, especially after the buzz of the holiday season has worn you out. Holiday decor comes in a variety of styles and sizes, so nailing down your organization efforts is crucial in preserving them for years to come. To save yourself a headache next year, read through our list of best practices for efficiently organizing your holiday decorations.

Why Should You Think about Next Christmas?

Anyone that decorates their home knows the frustration of dragging out the decorations that weren’t taken care of the previous year. Tangled string lights or glass ornament shards are a pain to deal with, so use this opportunity to protect your decorations and save yourself a clean-up job next year.

Best Practices for an Organized Christmas

Check and Sort Damaged, Broken or Worn Decorations

Inspect your decorations before packing them away to ensure they’re safe and ready to use again. Damaged or broken items should be safely discarded and not placed back into storage. Sorting through worn decor encourages you to get rid of items that you may not appreciate or love like you used to, making room for new decorations next year.

Gather Important Documents and Instruction Manuals

Outdoor decorations and artificial trees usually come with instruction manuals for assembly. Keep these documents in a safe place, or with the original box they came in. Don’t throw them away—you’ll need them next year (trust us).

Purchase Replacement Decorations

Dead light bulbs, broken ornaments and worn decor are all things that can be replaced—even before next year! With end-of-season sales, you may be able to find replacements at a discounted price.

Label Your Sorting System

Consider labeling your organization containers to keep similar items together. For example, keeping string lights, spare light bulbs and extension cords in the same box with a label will make it easier to decorate in an orderly way next year. You may opt to color code your containers for different decorations like Christmas tree ornaments, indoor and outdoor items and specialty items like dinnerware or linens.

Break Down the Christmas Tree

After removing your ornaments and placing them in their respective storage, you’re ready to break down your tree. Artificial Christmas trees typically break down in 2-3 pieces for easy storage, whether in the original box or in a storage bag designated for trees. Real Christmas trees are biodegradable and can be safely composted. Some city municipalities may even pick up your tree, so be sure to research tree disposal offerings in your area.

Recycle Materials You Don’t Want to Keep

By now, you may have a pile of decorations that need to be thrown away or donated (if in good enough condition). Pay attention to labels, as they’ll have information pertaining to how these items should be recycled. If your unwanted decorations are in good condition, consider donating or put them in your next yard sale.

Restock Storage Closets and Attic Space

After everything has been neatly organized, restock your storage closet with care. Heavier containers can be placed on shelves closer to the floor, while lighter containers will be easier to maneuver on higher shelves.

Holiday Hosting Preparations You Can Make a Year Ahead

While you’re organizing your holiday decor, take time to reset your home for the new year.

Clean Guest Rooms

After a busy holiday season filled with guests visiting at varying times, be sure to pay attention to private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. Cleaning out holiday decorations and a thorough deep clean will have this space prepped and ready for another guest.

Create a List of Thank You Cards

Give one last gift this holiday season with a thoughtful thank you card to your family, friends and guests. Personalize each message and round out the note with excitement for the next year of celebrations!

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