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Curb Appeal Dos and Don’ts for New Orleans Homeowners

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You and your New Orleans neighbors may not share exact tastes in home decor and design, but it’s important to all that your homes are shown to their best advantage. You may even be bound to a set of rules established by a homeowner’s association. If you’re looking for a refresher on how to ensure your home is picture-perfect for neighbors and guests alike, check out our experts’ dos and don’ts for curb appeal below.

What is Curb Appeal?

As passersby drive or walk past your home, they will notice aspects of your home and make their own judgments based on that—often in a matter of seconds. Curb appeal is essentially ensuring those judgments are as positive as possible. It applies to those elements of your home that can be seen from your front yard, from well-tended planter boxes by your mailbox to that new front door in a striking color. Not only does paying attention increase positive feelings about your home from neighbors and guests, but it can also pay off in a huge way should you choose to sell your home.

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The Dos of Curb Appeal

Upping your curb appeal doesn’t involve changing your personal style, though blending into your neighborhood with similar color palettes for plants or siding can’t hurt. Rather, it comes down to simply cleaning your yard and making sure your home is up-to-date. 

1. Clean Your Yard

This one tip is probably the most important of them all. If your yard is disheveled, with kids’ toys, gardening tools or fallen branches strewn around, it instantly detracts from the rest of your home. Overwhelmed at how much needs to be done? Pick up and put away items from largest to smallest. Start with large branches or lawn-care tools and work your way down bit by bit. 

2. Replace Damaged Windows

How long has it been since your windows have been replaced? If it’s been longer than 20 years or you notice visible damage like cracks on your windows, it’s time for replacement. While some issues may be able to be addressed, in many cases replacement makes the most sense for your wallet and home comfort. 

3. Replace Entry or Garage Doors

If your garage door no longer opens or your entry door needs a fresh coat of paint, it may be time to tend to those. These are high-traffic areas where replacements will make your life easier if a quick fix isn’t possible. Besides, doors are one of the first places eyes will travel to on your home, meaning replacing these dramatically ups your curb appeal. 

4. Clean Gutters and Siding

Your gutters and siding are important elements for the security and comfort of your home, so don’t forget to keep them in good condition too! Gutters are easy to forget but make a big difference over time, with water damage possible to your walls and roof if you don’t take the time to clear them out a few times a year. Your siding may require more or less cleaning depending on the type. For a siding option like vinyl, you’ll only have to clean once or twice a year due to its durability and easy upkeep. 

5. Trim Hedges and Trees

Now that your house and yard are in good condition, pay attention to the larger plants scattered around. When trimming hedges, aim not for uniformity but for a comfortable, neat appearance. Setting high expectations for yourself with hedges, which can be quite large, could mean losing steam and having a half-done hedge. With trees, a similar less-is-more approach is useful. Trim or cut down any branches that brush the top of your car, your home or otherwise impede movement through your yard. 

exterior of home with entry door

New Orleans Curb Appeal Don’ts

Now that we’ve established our practical curb appeal dos, let’s go over what not to do in the future:

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